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Hugh Daniel Watkins (b) 1835 Deptford, Kent, ENGLAND (m) Martha Smith (b) 1842 Greenwich, Kent, ENGLAND and married on the 25th December 1864 at Charlton, Kent, England. Hugh (d) 1884 aged 50 in Williamstown, Victoria.

Hugh was a boiler maker, travelling aboard the Netherby when it sank off the Australian coast in 1866. In addition to conveying immigrants this ship was also carrying a locomotive and rolling stock. The locomotive and rolling stock had been intended to establish a foundry in Queensland.


  1. Hugh Daniel (b) 17 October 1865 was aged 1 year old when the "Netherby" was ship wrecked off King Island (m) 1887 to Martha Cooper. Hugh (d) 1896 aged 30 in Prahran Victoria.
  2. James George (b) 1867 (d) when 16 months old.
  3. Martha (May) (b) 1869 (m) Bill Elliot.
  4. William (b) 1870 Ballarat.
  5. Thomas (b) 1873.
  6. Eliza Emily (b) 1873 Williamstown (d) when 16 months old.
  7. Florence _ Mary Ann_or Ada (b) 1876 (m) xxxx Holt.
  8. Annie Susanna (b) 1878 Little Nelson Place Williamstown (m) Herman Patterson.
Hugh Daniel Watkins was the son of James Watkins (b) 1797 in Deptford England and died 1866 in Bermondsey, Surry. He married Elizabeth Durrant on 21st October 1818 in Old Charlton Greenwich.

James was a Baker in Woolwich Road and died in Union Work House, he died of senile decay and bronchitus.


  1. William James Watkins (b) 1825, 20 Woolwich Rd, Limehouse, (d) 1876 Union Workhouse.
  2. John Valentine Watkins (b) 1826, 50 Woolwich Rd,Greenwich (d) Jun1879, Camberwell England.
  3. Fredrick Watkins (b) 1828 Deptford (d) 26 May 1889 Deptford.
  4. Thomas Durrant Watkins (b) 1829 Deptford, 16 Jan 1893 Deptford.
  5. Elizabeth Watkins (b) 1832 Deptford (d) 1907 Greenwich.
  6. William Watkins (b) 1833 Deptford (d) 1880, Greenwich.
  7. Hugh Daniel Watkins (b) 1835 Deptford Kent, ENGLAND. Died 1884 in Australia aged 50.


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