My Convict Ancestors
My convict ancestor Joseph Saunders came from Chesham in Buckinghamshire
Joseph Saunders (b) abt 1823 in Chesham Buckinghamshire England, (m) 20th December 1852, Ellen Kent (b) Buttevant Co CORK Ire 1830
His trade was that of a Tallow Chandler (maker of candles), Grocer.

Joseph was transported to Van Deimens Land (Tasmania) in 1843 for stealing sheep from his Uncle Issac of Weedon Hill Farm Amersham. Sentenced to 15 years.

Christopher Horwood had a cheap butchers shop in Slough (which is fairly close to Chesham) and he had 3 men working for him - Joseph Saunders, William Saunders and George Morgan.  Suspicion had been raised earlier because Christopher had been able to sell meat so cheaply. and early in 1843 the local police officer caught them bringing sheep back to the shop in Slough, and also found some dead ones in the shop that were identified as belonging to Isaac Saunders - Josephs uncle.

It would appear that at this time Joseph was married with one child.

All 4 men went to trial in March 1843.  George Morgan decided to spill the beans and tell the court what had been going on!  So, when they were found guilty, he went to prison in England, but the other 3 ( including Joseph) were transported to VDL. 

Joseph Died in 1899 in Avoca Victoria, Australia. He was an Wesleyan Methodist.

Ellen was transported to VDL, Van Deimens Land (Tasmania) in 1851 for stealing shirts her 2nd offence. Sentence 7 years.

Ellen Died in 1909 in Prahran Victoria, Australia aged 79 years.
Copy of Marriage Certificate of Joseph Saunders (Ticket of Leave) and Ellen Kent (Prisoner).
Robert Currie Drummond and
Ellen Drummond nee Saunders
Families included by marriage:
Hill, Lockwood, Yendle, Wilson, Drummond, Youren,
  1. Joseph (b) 15 February 1856 in Tasmania (d) 15 December 1871 aged 16 years in Maryborough. He died of an abscess in the lung.
  2. Ellen (b) 10 December 1858 Great Western, Victoria. (m) 16 April 1885, at Pleasant Creek Robert Currie Drummond.       ( Mary Ann (b) 1873 Bolerch to Ellen 1874 (d) 1875)
  3. Charles (b) 29 March 1860 (m) 19 August 1885 Elizabeth Ann Smith.
  4. William John (b) 14 November1862 (m)  4 December 1889. Sarah Youren in Ararat.
  5. Elizabeth (b) 26 July 1864 (m) Edward Yendle 28 November 1884 in Ararat (d) 20 February 1932 aged 67 years.
  6. Thomas (b) 10 September 1866 (m) 1 March 1893,Mary Jane Harper Thomas (d) 17 December 1934 Heidelberg aged 68 years.
  7. George Albert (b) 15 August 1868 Avoca, (m) Rose Rebecca in Melbourne Victoria (d) 12 November 1943
  8. Sarah Jane (b) 5 April 1869 Avoca, (m) Samuel Henry Hill 16 August 1893, Victoria  (d) 8 April 1903.
  9. Catherine (b) 11 March 1872 Avoca (m) 16 August 1898, Fred Lockwood (d) 11 March 1903.
  10. Joseph (b) 24 November 1874 Avoca. Click to see Mine Picture
  11. Mary Isabel (b) 17 January 1876 Avoca, (m) James Geo Suddy Wilson at Tarnagulla 20 September 1905, (d) 2 November 1960 Kew aged 85 years Victoria, Australia.
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William Saunders (m) Elizabeth
Sir John Franklin Mine - Tasmania. Joseph has X on his leg.

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