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Sunny SamFirst Quilt 2001
Tosca Quilt made from Tosca scraps 10 years after his death. For our bed.
Bart's quilt for G/son Jakob
Back of Jakob's quilt various denims
Canada Red. This quilt went to Canada for Mose birthday
Back of Mose quilt with Aussie Themes.
Jazzy. For Granddaughter Jasmyn, she wanted purple.
Crazy Damian - This was as colourful and bright as  I could makee Xmas 2003. Conceived with some material a present from 'Plus Quilters'. Or quilters circle.
Back of Damian's quilts showing some places visited.
Back of  I Spy
Medallion. I Spy Medallions were hand sewn together for Declan Fitzpatrick.
Heart Pink for our 30th Wedding Anniversary 2004
Riley's Windows Dec 2004 - Mose 1st Grandson
Jack's Heritage Quilt - Knee quilt quickly put together in one day for dad. Oct 2004.
Back of Jack's Heritage Quilt with flannette back to stopit slipping off his knees.
Jakob's Windows. For Jake Night and Sky theme. Xmas 2004. The star border came from Miranda
Port Pink for SIL Gwenda who lives in Port Melb. 9" log cabin squares.
Construction of  Port quilt with border attched around the edge.
Label attached be sandwiching.
Sewing in the ditch. NOTE bicycle clips help keep quilt rolled.
Backing, wadding and quilt top All sandwiched and pinned together.
Emmas quilt made by Aunty Pearl and Maureen.
For Felix
For Annabelle.
Moya's Wall Hanging
For Halley. Thanks Mike.
Sammy's Birthday 2008
Back of Sammy Quilt  2006.
The Wandering Man Wogga
For Aleisha
A. S. North Close up
Anthony Stirling North
Imogen 2009
Aunty Ev's 100 Scraps
Cubby Quilt
Rodney's 1st Quilt.
Made by Rodney for Emma
The Blues.

Double Irish Chain.
Single Irish Chain
Blue Heaven Shaun.
Happy Quilt for Lindsay and Helen
Charlie's Back.
Candy Quilt
Will's Quilt.

Andrew Panel
Kauai Inspired
Golden 2021.
Pink 3
Pink 6