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William Henry (b) 14 November1862 (m)  4 December 1889. Sarah Youren in Ararat.
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  1. William Francis (b) 1890 Avoca. (d) 1890 Natteyallock.
  2. Sarah May (b) 1891 Avoca (m) John Walton Seward in 1928.
  3. Jessie (b) 1893 Avoca
  4. Richard Henry (b) 1897 in Percydale (d) Healesville in 1970 aged 73 years
  5. Joseph Francis (b) 1900 in Healesville (d)  Healesville 1975 aged 74 years
  6. Arthur William (b) 1907 in Healesville
  7. Neville Leonard (b) 1912 Healesville (m) Iris Zoe Pomeroy in 1939

William Henry and Sarah Youren in photo
Gore Calendonian Society Presidents and Vice Presidents cup and William won it in 1888
Arthur William (m) Megan ???

  1. Pam
  2. Margaret (d) 2006 (m) Bruce Probert.

Margaret (m) Bruce Probert


  1. Matthew
  2. Carolyn

Matthew (m) Kylie Simpson


  1. Arron Micheal
  2. Crystal Elizabeth

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