William Son of William Page.
William Patterson the son of William was born 18/04/1893 in Randwick N.S.W. he married Ellen Murphy on the 08/08/1914 in Darlinghurst. Ellen was born 01/06/1891 in Alexandria N.S.W. William died 31/03/1973 in Terry Hills N.S.W. and Ellen on the 17/08/1968 in Bondi.
  1. Dorothy M Patterson (b) 15/02/1915  in Sydney and married Gordon P Boyd on the 25/07/1936. Dorothy passed away on the 12/06/1985.
  2. Merle E. M. Patterson (b) 28/07/1917 in Sydney and married Leo Fitzsimmons on the 29/06/1940. Leo passed away on the 14/11/1996 they had nine children.
  3. Mavis E.G. Patterson (b) 01/11/1919 in Bondi, Sydney and married Vince J. Fitzpatrick on the 11/11/1944. Vince has passed away, they had eight children.
  4. Shirley E. Patterson (b) 14/03/1929 in Bondi, Sydney and married Clifford Bowen on the 11/03/1950. they have six children. Shirley passed away on the 14/03/1997,  twelve months after Mavis.
  5. Margaret M. Patterson (b) 09/07/1931 in Bondi, Sydney married Terence C. Livermore on the 13/02/1954, they had 5 children.
  6. Judith A. Patterson (b) 01/03/1935 in Bondi, Sydney and married James Kenneally on the 12/10/1963 they had three children.
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