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Samuel (b) 10 March 1858 (m) Hannah Blackburn

  1. Mary (b) 01 May 1877 (d) 1959
  2. Samuel (b) Dec 1884 (d) 18 Nov 1947
  3. Joseph (b) 7 Oct 1890 (d) 3 Sept 1949 (Father of Bevis)
  4. Hester/Ester

Samuel (b) Dec 1884 came to Australia Stanthorpe (Queensland) in 1900's working and farming there. (m) Laura 1945.

  • Samuel joined Lighthorse in WW I 24 August 1915 aged 30 8/12 years. Injured and invalided back to the U.K. where he met Laura ( nurse). Samuel returned and served in France.
  • He also served in the "Australian Imperial Expat Forces" 4 years and 60 days. Wounded by gunshot wound to the left knee on active service in Palestine. Ended service as L/Corp Driver 3rd Australian Auxiliary Hospital AIF.
  • Post war returned to Austraila and took up a soldiers block (orchard) at Amies (outside Stanthorpe Queensland)

Samuel (b) 8 June 1921 (Bachelor)