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Research, which is still on-going, updates are occurring as more information becomes available and family connections are verified, for inclusion on this site. I have documented to a large extent, my paternal Grand-Mothers' Family Tree; being from Perthshire in Scotland. In addition to the Drummond family I have researched our convict past, the Saunders Family. Also my maternal heritage has been compiled by myself and others. Not forgetting the Patterson Family, my  original name sake.
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My lastest book is now available via Paypal  - Or type my name in the book search on Amazon

The book features interviews with mothers who have lost an adolescent child in a motor vehicle crash, and been willing, ten years or more after the event, to share their experiences.

The outcome is an enduring sense of yearning of sadness, and of trying to find answers - pratical and spritiual - for the loss of their young ones in such a violent manner.

The terrible emotional aftermath of prolonged grief impacts on these mothers and their families, and is rarely, if ever, adequately addressed in our current social environment.